Im… not sure why I’m even putting this picture up xD
Anyhoww. Today? I was.. bored o.o Watched a lot of charmed…
Leveled a Archer to Sniper status on Rag… =3 She’s evillll =D
Then I watched Nikita and loved it! Makes me wanna sparr… hopefully that stays in my head untill tomorrow yea? Yea.

OTher than that. mmm….
SNSD’s new mv came out last night. It’s called Hoot. I really do like it.
It’s also been stuck in my head for awhile.. love the video. Makes me want to buy thigh high boots but.. T.T Can’t really.. wear them in public now can I? xD That and I think I have an idea in mind for a new design. Planning to buy fabric for an original dress soon! Yesh =3 I want to get that going. Though we’ll see how that goes in general… 2 years to establish something!! … I can do it. I know I can.

And I also made 2 clay charms today. Haven’t fired them up. Kinda lazy you know? They’ll be done before halloween though. Then I haev to take some quick pictures of them… annnd.. ugh. This weekend is going to be so .. busy!! Not homework wise. Just.. getting myself to do something!!

Oh. And I woke up this morning in such a bliss. I had such a weird dream. But it was nice, nothing freaky. And I haven’t seen the scene too often in my dreams before so I’m glad.. though my sister has been showing up in them lately.. creepy yea? I think so


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