Archive | October 27, 2010


Ahem… Kokkkeeee~?

Waffle. Waffle. Coffee. Donut!
So addicting I swear..

Anyhow! School today. Decently good! Texted alot o.o It was fun xD Then I also took my accounting midterm today. It went… okay. Decently? C status? I’m kind of scared of the result. but I said that last time and I did perfectly finnne =3

Then oh!! I went to Fabricland today! And seriously.. they made it sound WAY better online =.= It was all like.. old clothing… not such great prices it seemed either… annnd… it smelled… apaprently like a doctor’s office according to Gee? So the trip was not worth it. I would have rather drove to the joanns =3 At least young people work there! And they have coupons =D And a larger selection!! I need to go again soon >.>

Oh I worked out today. No physics room but… actually used the machines. I’m going to be spending the next month or so on my thighs… I feel as though thats one place I need to work out a lot more. Cause my calfs are pretty good o.o And my stomach.. is getting there. OH well. Eliptical is fun =3

Other than that… enjoy the video~ Kokkkkeee~?