Archive | October 22, 2010

Happiest place

Today was …very very fun =3
I have to say.. it consisted of lots of laughs and singing! xD I seriously can’t believe how much he… we… sang o.o Like, people must have thought we were so weird of hated us… And who knew that… …. nvm =3
Best part?

Waffle. Waffle. Coffee? Donut! KOKKKEEEEE~~~ =P

Alright.. I don’t wanna talk much about what happened today, so just some few key main points:

~World of Color = absolute fav, so beautiful, love the flames!
~California Screamin’ ride! Went on that twice! =3 (lovinnn’ xD)
~Omgsh!! The Toy Story Mania 3 ride!! SO fun!! It hurt though xD
~Rock candy… >.>;;
~Space mountain.. I was looking for the control panels xD;;
~FIRST time to go to california Adventures. And First time to disneyland without family!!
~And more rides, more things, and… yea. xD

We HAD to take one of those .. you know, ordinary couple-ly pictures in front of the castle. We’re both so squinty because the sun was right in our eyes o.o And the girl dropped my camera!! RAwr. And im slouching =.= Okay no looking at it anymore. xD I blended in pretty well today too, it’s the grey. I looked like any other asian o.o =.=

Alright.. I’ll say that much about the day. There was much more though =3
Thankies to my no.1 man (crazy hot..  for getting me in.. somehow… xD But I won’t question that anymore… for now! I do have to say that it is the first time a guy has acted on bringing me there (obviously)~ And I didnt even plan it x3

(World of color shot)
(I suppose this is a way to introduce the boyfriend to my blog too! xD )