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Alrighty!! Today WAS better than yesterday for sures =3 Something.. different?

It started off with my morning routine. I drove slowly to school and got there on time o.o I wonder how that happened… And I had a decent breakfast. But since I borrowed a book from Hea, I read that throughout all my morning classes and I was SO tired by lunch. Like… my eyes felt heavy and I really wanted a nap. But… being the college student I am… I turned to coffee instead =D And I didn’t overdose on it xD Just half a bottle finished. But it perked me up ^^ I  was happy xD I needed the sugar in me I guess…

Oh and the weatherman lied. 70% rain thunderstorm chance? Yea. Dry. Completely. =.= Okay acutally.. it sprinkles a bit on the way to school xD I had my rain coat and boots too.. I just wanted to do some walking in the rain dangit!! T.T xDD It’s okay. I don’t want anymore rain now~

Thennnn… the best part of my day comes after my classes =3 I went to the gym, that was pretty..tiring o.o Like… I’m determined to get the butterfuly kick and aerial down but.. my mind is still scared xD But either way, I’ll get it eventually!! Have to keep practicing. I can’t be scared. But I just.. don’t want to.. break anything o.o It hurts. I don’t have money to pay for broken stuffs xD

And so after a workout you get hungry right? Yesh. And … Samyang ramyun!! I can’t believe Gee didn’t sing it >.> =P We went to Ajisen Ramen! As you can tell from the picture above =3 It was yummy!! I… enjoyed it alot more once I found out some news… … =D
Yes. Then I went on a happy craze? xD Even the food coma couldn’t keep me down xDDD;; What’s the news you ask? You’ll find out later. Why ruin surprises. =3 But then since we fulfilled his eating craze, time to fill mine? Got crepes! And not just any crepes..Green tea ice cream and red bean =DDD Yea. That was actually REALLY yummy o.o I was surprised.
So.. .a Japanese dinner day? I think this counts as the dinner part for a ongoing explosion =D (sorry inside joke!)
And thanks Gee for paying for dinner x3 Boba is on me next? xD Actually.. I may have another way of— I’m just gonna stop there xD

Got some free carl’s Jr at school. That was entertaining. Then I also came home to cake o.o and yumym beef o.o but I couldn’t eat it cause… I was already full!! xD CAKE though!! ugh. xD

Okay I think I’m done for this post. You know what… it doesn’t matter what day the good happens. As long as it does~