Archive | October 18, 2010



Pow! No? xD Feeling inspired to punch now that I’m getting the hang of it? xD

Anyhow. Today is monday. I woke up LATE. I’m suppose to be on the highway by 7. I woke up at 7:10 >.> =.=
It’s okay. I just skipped my first class and got there JUST on time for my second. Which I was hyper. then I crashed. And.. the rest of the day went.. decently. Lunch was interesting =3 Went to the dance room with mirrors with everyone~ It’s always very interesting… The bboy is trying to practice his choreo in which… I really hope he does good on his audition. I also would like to see Gee dance =3 I think anyone can dance if they try. I mean.. I’m trying to do some martial arts even though I clearly cannot get my body to do what they ask it to xD Soo… same for dancing right? Good. =D

Then .. I went to my other classes. And got out early! Oh!! Me and Gee went to the post office.. well … Not.. REALLY.. some other little shady shop >.> I didn’t like it at all… I wouldn’t have went in if Gee wasn’t there honestly. He was creepy. =.= I just got my box and left. No way am I going back there.. I hope he goes out of business >.> Or learn English better. lol! Some crazy driving I did today, and threw like a laughing fit in the car … I have no idea what was wrong with me today xD I think I’m just going crazy from Gee’s scent o.o (And yet I can’t smell hookah or the lil plant)

Had some boba… then just fb surfed o.o That was bad. an hour or so just on fb?! T.T Oh gosh. Well at least I came home and did some cosplay work. I don’t know if I really will send it in tomorrow but… I’ll try. At least I know where the post office is!I feel bad if the commission gets to them late T.T Argh. I hate that I procrastinated. you know what? Next commission… HAVE to finish it early. have to. Actually.. next commission should be a fun one~ Can you say.. Wizard?