Archive | October 4, 2010

I can’t lift my leg up


I had to put a picture of this pink bear up instead of myself right now. Why? I can’t really.. move very well. And with eyeliner smeared and all I’m not in a viewing state.

Today was nice! I really liked it. You know those days that just start off crappy but somehow get better but then turn out crappy again? Like a normal curve!! (Math =.=)

This morning I was late getting out of the house. Again. I swear the alarm hates me. Always trying to wake me up. And to retaliate, I don’t wake up. But that just bites me in the butt xD Cause then I’m driving like the asian woman driver I am trying to get to school on time. btw, I did =D
In my Econ class I actually started to talk to the guy next to me, well.. the other guy? Seems chill, cool. I feel asleep though, he woke me up. I thought that was nice at the time, now I think it’s mean. You just met me and your already waking me up?! xDD It was fine I guess. I forgot to do Phil over the weekend. So thats what I did after Acct

Omgsh!! OH OH OH!! Accounting! I got an 80 out of 100 =3333 I’m so happy!! I thought I got a C for SURES. But nope. Solid B. 75-85 was a B. Sooo. I am very happy. I’m doing well =D Then ISDS class was cancelled so I caught up with some friends and did some homework. More homework. Started on a paper. I had ALOT of time. And plus it was monday! soo… 4 hours of time to waste with no Gee T.T It was hard… but productive. I really really want Boba now. Wed. for sures =3

Then I went to Wushu practice!! Yes. It’s late. But it’s worth it in the long run. you get REALLY in shape and learn a lot of cool moves. Today there was a total of 8 people. Doesn’t seem like alot huh? It is… anymore and it gets crowded, hot, and like class-feeling. Soo.. 4 girls, 4 boys. Makes a really nice group! It was a really fun 2 hours. Though I think I stretched places I didn’t know I could… and now. I am VERY sore. Usually I don’t get sore till the next day, today was BRUTAL =.= Like… I wasn’t expecting so much conditioning >.< 100 cruches. 100 dead fishes. Sucide runs. High knees. jumps. Kicks. FORMS. Omgsh… forms. Those are a killer. Horse stance all the way around. At least running I’m good with =3 I’m glad I did laps the past few weeks, it’s really helped me. Now time to learn some cool stuffs!! I WILL be sore tomorrow. And you will hear me complain xD

I came home and took a really hot/warm shower. Then had a really nice dinner =D
and doing some messing around with my oh so lovely Gee. =3 Sorry. You deserve it though~