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The attraction is the hair


As a challenge to myself and… because I honestly don’t know if I can do it. I’m going to try to make this post a 1000 worded post. (gasp!) right? And I think today is the perfect day to do so! So beware for a long post, and I’m sorry ahead of time if it’s boring to you~

The morning started off okay. I made Kimchi fried rice again. It turned out better! I’m finding new things to put in it and new ways to make it less.. bland. I know I’m not the best cooker.. and I don’t really plan to be xD but I should have some dishes i can make easily. I just happened to take the korean route first… xD And omgsh! I was like 3 minutes from home and I thought I forgot my gym bag so I went back home to get it… just to find out I did have it… Major fail on my part. That made me late on the highway, luckily it was a Friday so the traffic was not bad at all. And parking was a breeze~

What was really funny this morning was I called Gee to wake him up. I wish I got more of a sleepy voice >.> Not fair! Its cause he was expecting it.. but you know what? I will call one day just for the heck of it and let’s see what happens then x3 But that was really entertaining this morning. Apparently it got someone hyper and that was even more entertaining xD Head nuzzle? =3 I think he should come to school early every friday! Why? Cause for my first class we are now having a quiz every friday and he always tried to let us out early sooo… ^-~ Gotta make some rain?

Rain!! I started class at 9 and it started to thunder and pour like crazy (apparently from what Gee said) I couldn’t see anything outside from the class I was in, but I did hear lots of thunder. I thought the thunder was construction at first xD That’s how frequent and loud it was. But nope. It was just thunder. and I didn’t mind so much because I was in the new building. But then I heard more thunder while walking outside.. scared the crap outta me. It didn’t help that my friend kept saying something about being struck by lightning. =.= Thanks a lot. It’s like when you are eating something and a person says the bad thing about it while youre eating it. Thanks. you suck. xD

I ended up sitting Underground for most of the hour I had a little ‘break’ it was … interested. I sat with V and Crater and the people around. Crater gave me such an awkward hug.. so did V actually o.o;; I guess I wasn’t in much of a non-awkward hugging mood today. I actually didn’t know what kind of mood I was in today. Which is weird… I guess I was just… normal. Not really hyper.. but not dead xD It was weird today.. I do have to say that though. I love how Fridays are a bit different now, you never know what might happen and who you might run into!

Oh! So I drove to the mall/Joanns after class and I just bought 2 things. Lots more fray check and non-stick spray for my sister (she really needed it!) See? I was being a good sister =3 But then I decided, since I was already at the mall, to go look around Sears and the two shops near there. Found a shirt I like din Sears but didn’t feel like spending money. Found a shirt at Lady Bug that I liked too… but I was too lazy to try it on with no second opinion. And then I went to payless Shoes! where… A girl from church saw me and said hi. I was surprised she knew what school I was going to xD apparently she wants to transfer there. I don’t really care because, meh. I never really liked her but I never really hated her. There was always this one group I never really liked as a whole. They put too much makeup on and focus a lot on trends and what other people wear. But out of the group, at least the girl I ran into was the nicest one of them. It still was awkward. I think if she wasn’t there.. I would’ve walked out of the store with 2 new pairs of shoes. Actually.. I still want them. Cause there were white spring heels for $11.. and since its buy one get a second half off, I think I could’ve found some flats that could’ve worked. I really want flats now. Why? Sometimes heels gets tiring. But my shoes don’t look nice with my clothes anymore. Like… trying to get work clothes to work for both school and work is hard if I keep wearing tennis shoes >.< I’ll fix this problem later…

I came home and decided to do some .. .video making? I started my bow video.. I’m not sure how it came out or if I’ll keep it. I just needed to do something! Oh! I forgot about the martial arts room today! It was entertaining. I attempted a few new things and I think I’m getting better. I’ll have more to do in there after I start going to wushu practice again. I’m really looking forward to it, though I never want to go cause it cuts the time I spend with someone T.T But it’s okay. Apparently too much time makes the rain weather go into chaos =3 Because a day without you is like a year without rain? lol!!

The picture above is from the hair video, that’s not how my hair was today. My hair was… actually quite a mess today. But I didn’t care. I was dressed today more for comfort.. added some jewlery and what not though~ I now have Lady Gaga songs stuck in my head. which I find it absolutely hilarious that someone is singing more now xD Before he looked at me weird for singing in the car but now.. heh. It’s contagious? It’s a cute virus I’m spreading =3 I should video tape it one day and put it up here, it’s nice ^^ And! I have to video tape Gee doing a Tornado Kick!!! But that’s for my own personal viewing.. hehe. Why? The hair!! THE HAIRR!! <333

Okay I’m done. I hit 1000 words =D