Like the first time?

“I dont want a man who’s gonna hang on my neck, oh no!”

xD This song has been quite addicting to me for some time now. I never got sick of it because… it’s not in my ipod or in my saved list. I like watching the video =3

But with all the music listening … I finally asked my brother how to work his microphone and record tracks and all …
I can honestly say.. it went pretty bad. I’m no singer xD Really. I just do it because it’s fun! And it relieves stress like no other~ But I got curious on how I would sound with the whole instrumental and all of a song… I don’t like my voice. I don’t at alllllll. So I got about.. halfway done with it annnd.. scrapped it. I was sad for a bit because I don’t have the guts to put it online, but hey, I haven’t been able to find my voice yet. Find my voice as in… they style? Some people belt it out, others have a softer voice that’s just as strong, and others… I dunno. Their singing voice is so amazing it doesn’t even sound like they could make such music while talking.

So im feeling a bit emo about it… but hey. I’ll have something out that I like eventually~? I’m working on it!!


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