だんご。 だんご。 だんご。

すみません! 私の 日本語は ぜったい わるい。 T.T
でも、 あたしの せがたかい いもおとは 日本語の クラス を 予定。
だから、 今 日本語 を  ならう。。。またしても。

やった? xD

Wow I’m unbelievably rusty. I actually had to look up a word or so. Time to bust out Genki Book again >.<
It’s been collecting so much dust next to my bed T.T
And I can’t actually take Jap 101 at school cause of the days T.T -.-;;

So! I’ll try to practice more now… maybe just help my sister out in Japanese. And then I also need help in Viet. T.T
But I need to practice if I wanna go to Japan next summer!! I will go >:D

(Oh translation of the top? My Japanese is horrible and my sister is gonna take the class. Oh and I’m trying to learn japanese … again -.-)


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