SF last day T.T


Comon… who doesn’t take the free stuff in the hotel? lol~
Even if I’m never gonna use it… its freeee~
Well okay my bro paid for the hotel so we already paid for it xD
But I wonder whats the extent of the free stuff?
Cause I really wanted the board for the laptop that you can put on your lap~ hehe.

But for the last day we went to walk..
Yes walk.
The Golden Gate Bridge!
It was actually alot of other people there.
Lots of bikers that… if they run into you its like you can just fall off the bridge (thats just suicide -.-)

So you can do the math but walking one way then walking back? So walking it twice!!
That’s fine with me though ^-^ I am able to add that to my list of things I did in my life time~
I’m very proud of it, very tiring though T.T And cold!!

Then we finally went to eat Indonesian food~ Tasty. But not really my taste.

And then it was the 6 hour ride back >.<
I’m happy to be back though, I like home ^-^

And I missed Hunny the most of all!!! <3


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