Walked..walked.. walked!!

Lets see how this day started off..
With walking! I walked from the room tot he car. Then went sightseeing in the car.. here are some cool pics that I took mainly in the car.
Went up a hill to take pics.
Then just around the town.
Through Chinatown on accident
And to see an awesome cathedral.
Then to the Japanese Tea garden and huge park.
(btw I was wearing my heel boots… it sucked walking so much!)
PhotobucketIf it isn’t hard enough to follow… these signs dont make it any better xD
PhotobucketA view xD
PhotobucketThe.. bay bridge?
PhotobucketPart of the japanese garden.

There are way more pics I wanna put up but… Imma have to wait.
Cause right now I have a headache and well.. it hurts T.T
So imma sleep. oya~


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