San Fran Day two!

Really… today has been so long.
It was really fun though! Got home around 1 ish >.<
Then again it was mainly cause we kept missing streets and going in circles at times. It sucked!!
I hate SF’s streets >.< Like 6 roads at an intersection! T.T
A tleast I don’t have to drive.
My bro’s friends are pretty cool, all girls xD
What we did… we went to the mall in the morning, a more local. one. Didb’t buy anything.
Went to Daiso! You know the manufactering company that makes so many cute things? Yes xD So like Marukai x 2 and it had everything there! Like fully stocked. It was awesome. I wish I had more time in there and more money to spend on it xD I did but some things for my phone, should’ve bought more >.<;;

Then went to eat Dimsum at this pretty crowded place. Yum.


Japan town! I loved it x3 I regret one thing though!
Not buying Hello Kitty shirts that were 75% off T.T I didn’t figure tha tout until we were leaving.. and I felt bad if I was to stay and look through the clothes xD That I may not even get. Like I love hello kitty.. but its not my style right now >.< I could’ve gotten it as a present but I want to give gifts that say SF on it.. you know?

An awesome part of the place was there was a Pika Pika place there! You know that Japanese machines? I paid $10 for everyone to get a pic, cause I really wanted one xD

yep! Qutie awesome. But we were caught off gaurd >.< for the pic. And rushed the decorations cause we were timed but the timer stopped! So not cool. But they turned out cute~ I decorated..two of them. The one on the left and the 3rd one from the right.
Hopefully I can do more later on~

Finally had a crepe! Yum ^-^ Really liked it. Filling though. Well..wasn’t hungry to begin with xD

And at like midnight we came to Twin Peaks. Where it is a sightseeing place. Yep… so pretty! Got to see a really nice SF from a top view. Unfortantly we couldn’t stay there for a long time cause the wind was freezing cold. And one of our party members was getting car sick >.< So wanted to get her home of course.

Oh and ate at ihop for dinner~ lol!

And saw Sherlock Holmes. In which at first I felt guilty but now… phsh. good thing I did. >.>

So! Loved today. Gotta sleep for tomorrow now!


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