Archive | December 23, 2009



Today was… quite hectic.
Woke up at 6!!! Rawr.
Went to LA. Had breakfast. Ladida xD
Then went home. Watched some drama of my brother’s. It’s quite interesting!! Korean xD
Went to see Alvin and the Chickmunks! The squeakqual or however its spelled xD
So cuteee!!!! ^-^
Loved it~

Also! haven’t done any chirstmas shopping.. probably wont until after christmas xD
But! that’s fine?
I DO want to get all my cosplay materials all bought tomorrow cause.. well I have a lot of coupons and all I really need to do is get some ciel stuff and stuff for the sakura.

What do you think…
Should I make actual wing with feathers?
Or just foamie ones.
Cause feather ones… might take too long >.< or too much money! But it’d be cool >.< Rawr.

Oh and the pic? A shirt my bro is throwing out. I took it so I can make something outta it xD I also took a big shirt with 一番 written on it xD
Ichiban!! Gonna make the into a dress most likely ^-^