Archive | December 20, 2009

Cupcake party? xD


So today was my mom’s Christmas party!
I say my mom’s because… well our cousins that were suppose to come already had plans. And we planned out this gathering a bit too late >.<
But it was all good~
Got cupcakes! Lol xD That made my day. Thanks ^-^

Went to see Candycane lane. So many pretty lights! like:


Yep. And cupcakes… <3 lol xDDD

Now it’s about… 12:30 ish. So this post is a bit late. technically not the 20th anymore. But… whatever xD
I’m working on studying RE. Easier for me to study at night when everyone’s asleep and its really quiet. And I can concentrate ^-^;;

Thats about it… gonna go through with my test! I made up my mind xd