Archive | December 13, 2009

Christmas Look~


So every Christmas I start to get into some esort of red and white combo.
Never green and red.
So this is this year’s look for me I guess xD
It’s only the jacket really.. and scarf that makes it look cool. lol~
I’ll be sure to add on some more .. m… items before Christmas.
The silk Christmas tree that was in the shed had mice in it. Yea. They were living in it.
And apparently my mom saw one was still in there! Too bad it was dead.
Actually I dunno if that was good or not… actually quite sad…
So no tree for now. I mean I don’t mind not having presents and all so much,
But I love the tree. It’s fun to decorate and looks really pretty ^-^
So I may go buy a tree myself just for the heck of it. Maybe a personal small one for my bro’s room. woot woot? lol!

Other than that I’m really looking forward to Chirstmas time.