Archive | December 12, 2009

Moo stickers


Just a random pic xD I’m collecting those Moo moo stickers from the lolipops…

Today! Chill. Woke up at noon >.< Horrible. It’s cause there is no sunlight shining through to wake me up! Rawr.
Then played neopets xD
LOTS of neopets.
Its addicting T.T
We’re like loaded with neopoints int he game so shopping is UBERLY fun for me,
Then again duh if there is something to spend of course its fun!
Also drove around on errands a bit.
Not so fun >.<

Annnnd went to the mall with my bro to check out christmas cards. Fun? Saw someone I knew, akward xD
The day I decide to wear regular shoes someone I know sees me! No fair >.<

Annnd now I’m home. About to study! woot>