Archive | December 11, 2009

Lovely day

Sooo … not sure why I chose this pic outta them all xD
Maybe cause its clear.

Anyways xD
Today was fun. Went to class a bit late.
Had a choco cupcake ^-^
Then slept in class and all…. lol
And Had In n Out for lunch! Yummy stuff there ^-^ Cheap too! And YUMMY!
Then went to see New Moon!
In the most depressing and uncomfy thetre…. yea. NEVER going there again.
Then had some boba…
Then Had a wee bit of cheesecake~
So much sweets! It’s crazy >.<;;

All thanks to someone awesome, thankies!

And my outfit ruled~ Mainly cause I wore the sweater I made myself~
Here’s a blurry, but okay, pic