Archive | December 5, 2009

blood heart


Yea someone requested this picture awhile ago xD
Finally uploaded it.
My leg started to bleed cause… well it was itchy and apparently I picked at something -.-
So I wiped it off with a napkin!
And it came out as a heart xD I tried making others like it but it didn’t work xD lol
So it was a one time thing I guess.
Cute … in a way… lol

Other than that, don’t expect much from me today. I’ll be studying most of the day.
As well as sketching cosplay stuff. But thats all.
Homework? I doubt it.
I should start printing things out for finals next week. If you count today as the week coming up that is.

Sooo… everyone hope you have a nice day and stay happy!


cute sweater!


^^^ Beginning of the process

The end with hunnny? xD

The pretty sleeve ^-^

The top part filled with lace

The long sweater I just made outta fleece ^-^
It’s actually quite cute. I wanted to make it mroe simple at first but… nah. Gotta cute it up a bit xD
It just looks like a really big sweater. I just have a few little pieces of fabric to cut off and if I feel like making it more fit I will… maybe xD
It took me a total of… maybe less than 5 hours? A really small and short project.
Though took longer than it was suppose to because I had to make a new sleeve pattern. I think I finally perfected how to do that sleeve! Yay ^-^

So I really wish I could wear this sweater alt buuuuut… its white. and attracts dust like no other.
But its UBERLY warm. And cute ^-^

Not to mention you’d probably wanna pet me xD