Archive | December 2, 2009

Hun Bun Speech!


I did my fabulous persuasive speech on my Hunny bunny today!
Okay I actually did it on why you should have a bunny as your pet xD
And I went after this girl who was going … against gay rights. Well not against against just… bleh. You know the inbetween but it shouldn’t be called this and that and… well you get it hopefully.
But afterwards the class had this tension as people were tlaking over people and it was just getting heated up between some people.
Which btw there is a gay guy in class that his presentation is for gay rights. And the teacher is for it too… yea the girl is brave.

Anyways! I went after that. It was akward!! >.< I get REALLY nervous in front of people if they don’t chuckle or laugh or talk. Yea… I need noise to relieve my nervousness. But! They did laugh at somethings I said ^-^
Like they didn’t laugh AT me but WITH me? lol!

I threw in a whole buncha cute hunny pictures and all~
And people actually said they wanted a bunny! So I guess I persuaded them well? heh.
Others just liked how my laughable speech came after the girl’s serious controversal one o.o;;

But I’d have to say this is one of my better speeches that I’m proud of~



Sims 3 drama

Yes Sims 3.
My oh wonderful brother bought it cause it was cheap~ $30 I believe. Which is good!
I bought the second one for $50! When it first came out that is..
Thats before I decided to start spending money on clothes… shoes… etc etc. cosplay xD

So! I played it a bit like…2 days ago. (Imma go home today and play too so that’s why I’m updating now… cause once I start.. man… it’s hard to stop!)

The first girl I made I tried to make her a reflectin of me…
well that didn’t turn out well.
So! I made her a smooching hopeless romantic that’s flirty and artistic. Yep. Somewhere along those lines.
So far… I started her off as a teenager. She got a bf. But was having an affair with a musician from work. Then to go to his house to figure out her bf lives there. Then she gets pregnant (yea at the house too xD) Tell her bf she’s having a kid, he doesn’t like it. She breaks up with him. The musician is actually in another relationship with a big girl in the same house. my girl gets them to break up (yea you can do that now! Yesh!) he becomes her bf and he moves in with her.
Thennnn Sora, the kid, comes out! Game freakin glitches!! So the girl and kid is stuck until the officer comes to take the kid for negletence. They cry over it. Now thier second kid is coming out… b ut she’s starting to like another guy.

Yea… messed up? So funny though xD at least the game is more realistic. she got a baby while a teenager. lol~

So gonna see now how the story goes xD