Not so much singing



I always do the same things for pictures and thought I should start changing it up more xD
So… I’m not sure what this is xD But my hair looks cool! lol!!

What did I do today…
I went to chior practice. Which was okay. I’m scared of singing in front of people I know >.<
Cause they’ll remember…
And if I’m afraid… I won’t do well. Cause I’ll want to be quieter… and you can’t sing well quiet.
So I’ll stick with singing in the car at at home (which omgsh I have been doing SOOO much. My bro and sis join alot too. It’s hilarious.)
I think I was singing… the defying gravity song while playing Boarderlands. Also that one star song…lol I forgot it by now.

Lets se… did massive laundry stuff today. Also had in n out~ Yummy stuff there. annd… took out the trash for once. I find taking out the trash icky >.< But cleaning im okay with xD

Rawr I’ve been sooooooooooo tempted to do some cosplay! Rawr. Resisting T.T Study instead… Only one mroe month… well actually..
5 more weeks. A little less than that maybe. *tears*

Ah well~ Oh yea. And had Yummy fish last night. Yesterday when I got home I actually had this awful headache. I have no idea why but it hurt on the … left side of my head. Weird. It went away eventually after I took my mind off of it.


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