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Today I actually planned out my future cosplays! Which are a for-sure to do. For sures.

Haruhi Suzumiya’s uniform.
In addition I’ll be adding Yuki’s extra stuff on there so I can make a really cool trio pic with all 3 of … me xD

Meiko – vocaloid
For my sister. She needs something

xDDD I can’t help it. I want something cute for halloween

Almost done! I’ll be debuting it at the cosplay picnic~

Xiao Qiao.
This is my big project. Watch for it. It’s gonna be aweeessommmeee~

But for now that’s it. A moderate amount to do.

Ah! Almost forgot. My blog has been included on a list of  20 awesome cosplay blogs.
So check it out. There are some other pretty cool blogs on there! Well duh. xD

Makes me proud that I was able to keep mine up! ^-^ And I have to thank everyone for the views, they do mean a lot to me. Cause if I didn’t have views… I would stop writing >.< Yea… its true. I may not be a video person, but I am a blog person~



2 thoughts on “Cos blog

  1. Whew caught up. Congratulations on making the list and in 7th too. I wonder if you can rank up… At least you know it’s not just the two or three of us here that support you. ^_^

    And I hope you are able to finish those projects ASAP so that you can do some commissions :D

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