Played sims day

So I’m really starting to lack pictures xD
But today was… not so eventful >.<;;

I played Sims most of the day! But I was happy playing it…
But I was thinking… in Sims you want to make the person the best they can be. Max out the character’s stats and be the top of the job.
So I’m thinking… why can’t I do that with myself?
I guess its just more fun to control characters xD
But I’m getting there, I learned sewing? I’m going to college… woot xD

Actually I did do something today.
I went to joanns to return buttons and get more. I also got a little photo album thing that I will be filling up with my cosplay photos xD
My little cosplay photo album.
On the way home I was waiting to turn left and then I noticed… the light to turn left wasn’t turning green…
How irritating! I didn’t wanna break the law and go left like…. yield when everyone else went. That’s illegal xD
But I don’t want to get out and possible get rammed by others xD
Someone nice let me out anyways, woot!
But I was there for a good 10 minutes? Like two whole songs passed by I know that.

But as long as I get home, that’s the good thing.


2 thoughts on “Played sims day

  1. Glad you’re driving safely. Quite the ease in many minds. I wish life had levels and was all a game. That’d be great…. to have save points XD solely to relive those precious memories more so than to try to redo them. There were some very real happy times that I wish to re-appreciate… you know?

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