Singing decision still

I’m still.. seriously stuck on what to sing.
I’m confident that I’ll suck but Imma try my best at it anyhow!
How will I know if I don’t try right?
And I seriously needa build up my confidence in singing..
So I picked out some song that were from anime and games…
No matter how high nor low I’ll be able to get to it… hopefully XD
(I can always change it up anyways!)

So here are the songs!
-Re-subimity by Kotoko
-Being by Kotoko
-YOU by Yuria
-Namida no Tane Egao no Hana by Shokotan <3
-Hishoku no Sora Mami Kawada
-Again by Yui
-Sora iro Days by Shokotan <3

I just have to put <3s next to Shoko’s songs cause I’m a HUGEEEE fan of hers. No joke. She is my top idol <3
(I love KOTOKO and them all too~)

Oh and theres more songs but Im so sleepy so imma leave it there. I need to know more songs!! Feel free to give me a long list! <3
(And omgsh I soo wanna make a cosplay that matches the song im singing! That’d be so cool!)


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