T.T Wha. Rawr. Ugh!


Wha! USO!
Yea XD Im kinda… bleh. Well not really. My soloing was Horrid!! Like SERIOUSLY.
I cracked so bad and even went really high and pitchy.
But its okay… I need to get over my stage fright…
I don’t think my parents even knew it was me~
^-^ So not much embrassment to me.
But its okay…
I’m happy now.
Gonna try to get over this before AX idol…
Gonna try to get over this period!

I have this project I have to do for my APN class where I have to make a short film. And this is one of my many goals! (just liek soloing XDDD hopefully this one doesn’t suck!) So I needa get a script up and people. Cause out of the three people in my group, I probably know the most about films and filming. I think so at least. I’m very creative ^-^

So I’m thinking like doing something like how Wong Fu does things. Something under 10 minutes. Yet has a plot. Like a drama? I might not have guys in it though… rawr. I dunno. And there HAS to be a dance scene. Helps T.T


2 thoughts on “T.T Wha. Rawr. Ugh!

  1. Oh my, those things sound like quite a challenge, both current and long term :x But! You must rise and conquer! Go Kimikotan~ Faito!

  2. This is a huge bump in the road for you. Knowing you, you’ll definitely get over this problem. Just a few years ago, did you see yourself as a cosplayer? Look where you are today and how much you’ve came over. =]

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