la la la

So its Saturday! sweet XD

Umm… lets see. woke up nicely. I can’t remember my dream though.. >.<;;
Then went to chior~
Oh! I’m solo-ing tonight at church~
Its surprising! But I get REALLY nervous. So it sounds horrable T.T
Like I don’t want it to sound like that but I have stage fright, no doubt about that.
How will I get do AX idol at this point >.<
But I’m glad the chior teacher is giving me a chance… giving me a start!
So I have to proactice but my house is so lively now! Everyone is everyhwere XD So I may just go outside and try to sing it. I really don’t like other people lsitening into me but what can I do… I just get so embrassed easily….

OH! But I am still waching the Clannad after story~ Its really cute. I started hw too! I’m getting lots done but sewing. I’m a bit lazy to get it all out today. So probably tomrrow if I can!

(I actually wanna finish book 3 of RE tomrrow so who knows. muti task ftw?)


2 thoughts on “la la la

  1. I hope you can get over your stage fright, and continue to sing…I’d really like to hear how far you can get…ganbattekudasai Kimikotan~

  2. Hey! You should have saved one for me! Nah, you look happy to have that piece all to yourself so I’m satisfied enough xD

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