RE Congress~ 1


So this was taken at the beginning of the… convention!

Me and Kasuki went to the RE Congress Youth Day 2009!!
Overall..really fun!!

The beginning… lots of sining and dancing around~ Now my voice is raspy.. maybe cause I yelled a bit too much >.>;; I can get carried away at time.

I really liked the music! The theme this year was step it up. So I believe songs are easier to make with that theme… I’ll look online later to see if I can find it…

But then after some people talked there was a huge mass with the cardinal and all~ I didn’t get so bored. Mostly since the chior was pure awsomeness~ That and a girl in our group sang up there too. (And its hard to get up there… lots of people try out)

I don’t have the guts for that I believe.. I dunno >.< Someone please tell me if I sing bad XD


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