More from the con


So it was at the Anehiem Convention Center. Wow how it reminded me of AX back then. But I stayed in the arena the whole time so it wa cool~ Not all hot and sweaty in the sun XD

This pic I have to walkall around to take a pic at the front angle. It was quite fun~

I hated that the prices for food and snacks there were extremely high! They made little profit off of it I bet XD You would assume they would make alot but rent there is high… so typically. prices higer.

That and… omgsh. My ‘group’ had shirt that were ‘shaa?’ shirts and I have no idea how to spell it or what it is. But it wwas $10. And it looked like a shirt a club at school would make. And I seriously have enough of those >.< what do I do with them afterwards? nothing -.-;; So I stopped buying them. “40 for a shirt is expensive when you can but 2 yds of really good fabric for just $10. Yea thats right XD

So I was the outcast. So was Kasu. Sorry that we don’t have extra money to spend >.> Who does? Oh righhttt!! The girls that do everything in thier power to get guys by acting trending and flirty. duh! XD

(Those kind of girls seriously piss the heck outta me -.-)


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