Funn day~



Omgsh have you seen the past 2 pics of me and tiff (and this one)? They are all different colors!! One has a tint of red, orange, then blue. Its cause they kept changing the lighting after certain parts. I liked the blue~ Had a cool effect~ And this pic I was just making faces cause kasuki couldn’t tell since she’s practically blind.

Oh yea my mommie cut my bangs! woo~ XD finally!

And lets see. The whole thing was great! I loved the skit at the end! I should put it up.. I heard there was a video of it. Then the Comdeian speaker ..forgot his name… Mark something. But he was hilarious! I wish I soo recoreded it! I loved it!!! And a guy after him tried being funny but really wasn’t -.-;; so it was still funny XD

And I still love the music. Overall…really fun! So much better than last year because last year I fell asleep (tiff did this year also XD;;) and etc.

Though it was so funny since the schools lost so much money cause the arena was basically all high school kids… on a school day. It was packed full! With people stuck outside too. Crazy stuff. (Our group kinda took a back route.. hehe so we got awsome seats~) But I realized I was the oldest one there T.T Makes me feel.. old!!! Yet someone thought I was 16 XD


3 thoughts on “Funn day~

  1. I still look like I’m in high school… I don’t think that’s a good trait as a guy u.u. For a girl, that’s good! Yay to you!

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