Lets go… shopping!

So I went shopping today! So thats why I haven’t updated until now… Sorry >.<;;

But! I did end up buying more than usual. Probably cause I had money on me. If it wasn’t for self willpower… and a friend… I’d have no money left!

So I bought… Hikari’s Boots for cosplay~
(Cause if it wasn’t for cosplay… they would be heels!)

Some tank tops from Forever 21. They have a nice price for them~

AndFabric!! I spent alot on fabric T.T But its sooooooo worth it!

So thats about it. I tried on lots of clothes I can’t afford XD But it was fun~

(and the picture… I dunno. I wanted to try on something different, so I did!! IT looks.. bleh. Pattern could be better)


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