Boots + Cosplay


Hai! So both me and Kasuki got pink boots! Well I Got mine for my Hikari cosplay as I said before. And Kasuki got hers because… it was cheap! www

Both are cute. I need to add more to my boots to make it look like hikari’s. Since I’m glad I found a plain one like this… I so wish it had heels on it… XD;; But thats not so accurate right? It would make me look better >.> But I haven’t seen pink boot heels yet. So I took my chances and bought these (not to mention they are really warm!!)

almost done with Hikari’s cosplay now!!! ^3^ Ureshiidayo~ Then I needa get some pictures taken.. ahem -looks at Erukii- then I put it away so I can wear to… whatever comes up! Then I work on my Eupie outfit! I’m so psyched for it! I mean… pink fabric alone costs $11. I believe Euphie will be my most expensive cosplay T.T;;


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