Archive | January 28, 2009

Working on Pink

So this is my pink dress! Remember? From way back when XD
And I realized… I wanna wear it. I do! Cause I don’t like making things I can’t wear! So I’ll do one thing or another to it to make it… acceptable? o.O;;

So I added ruffles to the bottom! Yay~ Thats why it makes little waves at the bottom now. I like it… I wish I had a pannier or petticoat for underneath for it to… pop out more? I guess thats the word…

Theres a bow in back, I even have lace used for it to make the bottom of the dress. The front looked plain so I put a heart I cut out from the foamies I bought awhile ago. I still wanna play with it… I curved it? Kinda? Bleh. I’ll do more tomrrow XD

I have to either go buy more lace for the bottom since I didn’t have enough, or take off the lace in which I put on another object of mine. A pocket I made XD I’ll see…

The front I still have to add some ribbons! So its not so… plain? I mean plain isn’t bad but its TOO plain. So im working on it. I hope to finish it tomrrow. OH! Tomrrow I’m coming home for lunch!! ^-^ Finals~ fshooo~



Sometimes I wish I could hit the backspace button/redo button in life. Or just for actions! Maybe its because I’m lazy… or  I just don’t wanna mix mistakes the long way. Okay I’m lazy, but who doesn’t want to easy way when its possible and probable?

For example… little mistakes. I was just changing USB drives in my computer and I pulled one out and I’m like… dang… wrong one. So I had to plug it back in and take the other one out. Then I realized I took out the mouse one (wtf?!) So I plugged that back in relizing I lost like 2 minutes of my life doing that. I couldn’t see the hole to plug it in so it took a longer time >.<;;

Little mistakes just to undo. Big ones… of course everyone has regrets. I do too… thats where my fairytale doesn’t live. But I just relized bad things happen and it what makes the ending result in my fairytale all the better. I probably still have achieve it fully, but where I am at the moment… I am very happy.

(other than the fact guests are at my house >.<;;)

So! Just to conclude… I may get fustrated and angry at times, but I don’t mean to? lol.

I actually blew up on my sister. She insulted me so I insulted her back -.-;; I know I’m not suppose to do that but it was really uncalled for.. what she called me that is. And then she kicked the chair and it rammed into my leg >.<;; I may have a bruise, not sure. So I played sweet with her XD I can’t stand people who have anger issues. I played…’sweet’ with my sis and she couldn’t do anything about it XD;; Thats why to win cases lawyers have to be smart, since they should know wide varities of things that might come in handy. Someonee… unintelligent cannot do the job because “Your stupid” and (**** you) doesn’t reallty cut it now does it?

So now I’m done. I don’t care what race, ethnicity, or family you come from. Just be smart and you’ll bound to get farther in life. Play safe. But take risks. Act nice. But hold a stick. XD

You know you liked that last line XD


Finally over.


Finally Today’s school day is over!! I’m so glad ^-^;;
So much… stress has been lifted off!
And since I presented my Kimono today… people actually liked it alot.. like… wow. I was so happy ^-^ SO happy that I rushed my presentation to sit back down. Yea.. I told you I’m shy >.<;;

So I came home today thinking of what other sewing projects I have to do and I remembered my pink dress I was working on! I soooo wanna finish it.

I added lace to the bottom.. looks funny now. Maybe I’ll take a pic. I.. umm… didn’t have enough for the whole thing T.T So… im not sure what to do…

But! My mom is having a party later today… like 7. So I have to either hide out or participate XD Fun >.<;;