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Yellow flowers!

Thats all…

I’m just kinda..ditzy. Just showered and I noticed how tired I look. Thats why I keep to my minimum 7 hours of sleep. I got like… a bit under 6 last night? And tomrrow I have to wake up early tomrrow because I have to go to school looking professinal.. wait.. did I already write this? o.O?

I don’t remmeber >.< And yes I have been eating XD A bit. Meh. Enough at least!

I’m sooooooo outta it! Bleh. I wonder if I can sleep early today.. (ha!) Maybe! Maybe…


Rar rar XD


I look kinda tired huh? Well I stayed up till like…1ish last night. MAybe later.. I couldn’t tell.

So I am a bit tired. Finals are such a drag on me, I swear I grew 5 more white hairs just thinking about it. I know how to prioritize so thats good~ There is always sometihng that must go first! And then other times I forget or mis-prioritize and everything gets screwed up XD lol

So… Now I gotta do some extra credit to insure my A in both my APN clases… cause. .. why not? I’d rather aim for the A then be satisfied with my B.

I jut can’t wait for Friday though. All my school work over and I get to go out and have some fun from this stressful week. Maybe I’ll finally buy… some more cosplay stuff!

Only..3 people commented on my gbangs today. I guess its because people look at me and think “she looks different” but arn’t sure what. Thats normal. I don’t mind cause… I do that to people too XD ITs normal.

I particularly like my hair just because I want sometihng a bit different.
And its my time I get to explore anyhow! ^-^;;


Just a project


So this is the project I have been slaving over! My group member made this board. I Was in charge of the video~

Which is someone where on my comp… I like it… duh XD Cause I made it! I make things and work on it until I am satisfied… even if its not that great XD;;

So! Today school day went LONG… like unbelievably… also cause I stayed after to tutor~ >.< T.T;;

But I’m home now. And watched some Code Geass. Then… now I should work on my project but I am so…. distractive. Bleh. I work better u nder pressure. And yes I want to do good on this project but.. man… I just… don’t care so much? I think I’ll go wach a movie actually. lol XD;;

For extra credit of course!


A~ You know it!


-turns head to the right-

XD I know you all did that =P

Anyways! Yesh! Be not mistaken! That is my grade is Statistic AP!
Why? Because all my hw doing, test cramming, ec turning in worked! Yesh ^-^

So! I have not to worry too much about that class~ And I’m totally happy today because I did so well~

And its been the first time in years probably that I’ve gotten a progress report in one of my classes. I think the teacher still treats us like kids… its weird >.<;; But totally fine with me.. in a way XD;;


Friends <3 XD;;





Both… Can get really mad at me for diferent reasons XDDDD

I like..begged KimBERI to stay after school with me so I can ‘tutor’ her. And Kasuki I tried to keep after school so Klunku could ‘surprise’ her XD;;

Both worked btw~ hehe. Then after that I got some starbucks. I dun want anymore for awhile now… its gets kinda.. bleh. I want something sweet instead. But I needa stay up tonight a bit longer to study and what not.

Then… oh! finished my video~ I’ll post up the final part later on probably tomrrow or the day after. I’m busy this whole week with studying, tutoring, studying, projects, etc. etc. fun huh? Oh! And driving!! I’m still horrible at it >.<;;