Archive | January 25, 2009

Big ffan ^^


Yea… both pictures I look relaly short T.T But thats cause I have no heels.. (thats why I love wearing them! Cause I looks sooooooooo short!) But thats also because the fan is HUGE!

So I took this at my chior teacher’s house. Before going to church and dancing. Red isn’t the nest color on me I believe >.< But its different ne? And it doesn’t fit me, too big. But not like… it matters much to me XD

Oh!! And here’s Kasu~

Yea She looks taller caue she’s not bending down and what not =P

So! Yep!Thats it XD;;


New case!


So I made a new case for my phone! x3

Cute ne? Inside I lined it with the soft material like… the pink scarf I have! ^-^;;
So its really nice~ Only thing is that I dun have string or a zipper to keep it in. But I mean.. its still uberly useful~

And oh I painted my nails~ The regular half and half.

I realized my nails.. that I like… dun like filing my nails cause the dust gets all over so I always cut it. And my nail always makes the tips round itself XD Its nice~




Hunny was being UBERLY CUTE!!!
Look! It went on me ^-^;;

I wasn’t paying any attention to him and he started climbing on me XD
Oh oh! But my mom was surprised when last night I went to go do the laundry and Hunny followed me throughout the house XD Like outside then back inside then stayed and helped me pick out clothes to wash o.o;; yesh! lol!

So I <3 him even more~ kyaa~



ever had pure sugar cane? Cause its REALLY good! XD;; Mostly for a sweet fanatic like me >.<;;

Since apparently it grows in my backyard… and my grandma just… harvested it today and all you really can do is suck the juice outta it. But man.. I had only a little and its really sweet… my dad eats alot.. and im like… that cannot be good for you >.<

So I didn’t have lots lots. Its bad afterall!

So I’m a bit hyper and I can’t concentrate on my homework.. >.<;;

Which I have a good amount of…