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Yes this is one of my little rants.
You were warned.

Okay so this has to be unfortantly about my parents. As much as I love them they do tick me off form time to time. Mostly when … particularly my mom… blames me for things I really have no control over >.>;;

Like a little while ago she was telling me to find some envolope with something in it and I was like… I have seriously no idea where it is because I don’t keep track of her things. Also because she just cleaned the desk so like I know where things are >.< Actually whats nice is that I know where all MY things are. Same with my brother. She sees us as messy but in truth we are organized… organized enough to know where everything is!

So! I kinda got yelled for that. Also for not cleaning up the water puddle my sis left cause she dumped water all over my shirt (dun ask >.> I was messing with her but my sis doesn’t know when to stop playing around!) Yea my sister is one of those people who take things too far too long. Not the fun..est people to be around actually.


I dun feel like ranting anymore >.<;; It doesn’t really get me anywhere. Its just… complaining.


Hungry lil…


I’ve been hungry alot lately… I guess maybe its either when I eat I don’t eat enough. I mean I just eat until I am not hungry anymore… so like satisfied enough.

Then I get hungry easier! So I eat again… and that makes me feel like.. wow… I’m eating alot. I’m just glad not to be putting on weight… I actually should be workign out more for cosplay. Yea… And this whole beauty pageant thing… I’m debating over it. Should I or shouldn’t I… cause this is basically the last year I am able to do such a thing. Okay not completely true. But in a sense.

It’s not going to affect my life ddramatically. I know I won’t get picked cause there are much prettier girls out there. THere always will be… >.<;;

But yea… here’s a snack im munching on at the moment. Cheastnuts. Yum. I like em alots~


no way.

You know theres something wrong with me when I suddenly have nothing to post… really!

So! In seeing how lazy I’ve become. I haven’t really tried changing it XD;; This is a pretty bad case of senioritis. But! See I did do some work~

I’m wearing the skirt I made already but I decided to play with old clothes since I can’t really make new ones at the moment >.<;;

This is one of my brother’s shirt. ITs red. It matched XD Of course I don’t like the words but thats why he threw it out too! lol~


Bored ol’ ne?

So… today is my bad day.

(lols I’m listening to Bad Day by Daniel Pwter atm XD;;)

So! School. Loathed. How much I wanted to just skip out on it and lay down on the grass looking up att he sky. Which was really pretty today~ Lots of clouds…. THe weather was alright… perfect weather for Spring actually. I don’t mind it too much when I’m wearing a skirt and tanktop XD

But anyways. I played lots of flyff for fun~ I need some kinda fun outlet? But too much is bad. I’ve been eating lots of snacks >.< MY mom got me goldfishies! hehe.

And…now I think I’ll… do some sewing… jaa~