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I’m Here – Ito Yuna

I really like this artist. Her voice is pretty~

This song stuck out to me the most out of them all because of the beginning. Sounds cool huh? Then the song keeps going and it sounds like I have heard of the beat before but I still like it~ I really love all her songs~

So just had to share that~ Go listen to her other songs!

I think I’ll go watch some tv… haven’t done that in awhile!


Music talks. But dress = win.


Duresu ga daisuki! Really. Its not sometihng I’d be able to make either XD;;
At least not anytime soon… I want it… rawr x3

But anyways! Today feels like a Sunday to me and that is what I’m treating it as! I’ve been doing hw.. .forgetting to eat (>.<;;) and listening to music and singing along XD

Well not at the moment I’m not singing along to the music I’m listenning to because I’m doing a music assignment which has me listenning to music I’m starting to absoultely loath >.<;; But! It shows me how much I appreciate the music I actually listen to! Cause its… happy for the most part. A nice beat. And I actually like sining along to it. Keeps me awake too ^-^;;

Oh yea! I’m on episode 16 for Code Geass!! <3 I loves Euphie and I really can’t wait until I can cosplay as her!


From yesterday


How fun was yesterday…
Though I do feel bad because other people wanted to make plans with me too >.<;;
But I’m guessing those can wait. Cause yesterday I had a plan that needed to be exucuted perfectly. It was close enough XD;;

Well okay.. I even ruined my own plan! lol! Its cause I’m always so dang late! rawr.

I have lots of hw to do today so I’m staying home. I actually underestimated all the things I have to do so… I’m glad im home today. Yesterday I’m glad I went out! Today I need a break XD;;

I’ve been additcted to listening to Utada’s new song – Baby come back to me

This song is… nice. Sounds like regular mainstream music…. but better. Because its Utada! I just love her voice~

Oh you can listen to the song there –>  Utada\’s Baby come back to me


Loved dress.


The top dress I LOVED. Like I said.. Erukii picked it!
SEcond one was nice.. but I mean.. it was alright. I think I like light colors better…

I’m surprised I fit into the white dress… I tohught it’d be really small for me….

That dress was really pricy… I know what kind of dress I want next though. Something that sparkles and is light in color. No more black dresses for me!

But I had lots of fun today. Me and Erukii actually sat in Barnes and Nobles and talked alot. It was interesting. One of those talks you learn about a person from yea? I wish I could do that more often… just sit around and talk. Too mad I lost track of time XD If my mom didn’t call… I probably would’ve been there for awhile XD

Oh! Drove home in the dark today~ IT was great cause there wern’t lots of cars. I hate merging.

And my heart broke off my phone T.T lol