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Cute hair!!! <3


Kasuki-chan in all her shining glory XD

I did her hair ^-^ took me like 45 minutes!!
I had big curls for the bottom of her hair in the back and tried doing something elegant so I did small curles for the hair half up and in front. Though I wish the curls in front would go down more… but either way! I think it looks nice ^-^

Some flowers in her hair too~ hehe

See I did her hair pretty cause its short… I have long hair so there is only so much you can do T.T I guess long hair is good for like the bun look with curles in the bun but bleh. One day maybe. Takes too long to do hair >.<;;

So here’s a post dedicated to Kasuki!… Kasuki’s hair XP

Kasuki!!! You better not mess it up while you are at the dance!


Pink cute newish phone!


So this is my new and upgraded phone! Finally ne? I’ve been wanting to do it but I wanted to get this special glue that lets you take it off after awhile when you want to change it. But I’m like..what the heck… I’ll just glue it on anyways! So I dun think I’ll be able to take off these gems for… ever. XD;; But its cute ne?


I relaly loves it~ Kasuki tohught of the wings on the heart. XD I think its really cute! She says the flower on top of the big heart looks like a crown~ Kimiko does mean royal child XD Gotta live up to my name? ww!


A La Mode~

Kirei A La Mode (綺麗ア・ラ・モード) – Nakagawa Shoko(中川翔子)

Hehe Love the song and love the pudding!! ww

It was actually really pudding. Even though it looked like flan. And It was like.. $2.25 for it… Thanks to Kasuki who kinda paied XD

The ichigo was fresh! So it was sour… I was kinda hoping it would be sweet like that cake I had… hehe.

Oh! Though Nijiya had a bakery and I wanted to get cake but then I didn’t wanna eat it by myself T.T;; So Maybe some other time~


Masquarade masks!

Omgsh I absolutely love the black mask that I’m holding!!

Why? Just because of the feather and how …. cool it looks!
I actually want one in pink… and I found on online!!
I’m so tempted to buy it.. its like… 12 bucks total with shipping.
Its sooo cute!

But I had an idea to make a mask to go along with my Euphie outfit and go to the masqurade ball with it ^-^ Nice huh? XD

But yep! Thats the mask Kasuki wore today. It looked very pretty~ She matched her date ^-^

I so want to go to a masquerade ball T.T AX come soon please!!


@ Kasuki’s house

So I’m currently at Kasuki’s house! I just made her go take a shower because she has been procrastinating >.<;;

OH! I redid the back of my phone finally. Since Kasu had glue. It looks pretty thanks to Kasuki too! I’ll put p a picture laters…

Lets see… I’m skipping my church school today. OH I have practice tonight though…bleh. Its really not that fun but mind as well do a favor for the church. It feels good to do something for it anyways… since I probably cause trouble at the church school anyways! >.<;;

But yea yesterday I was kinda in a bad mood. Sorry… Stuff happened that got me kinda… scared? Yea. Don’t ask XD;;

But! Now I’m off to… get Kasuki ready for her dance. I absolutely LOVE her mask! I have a picture I believe. I’ll tell my idras laters of that~ hehe ^-^;;