Archive | January 15, 2009

nothing interesting XD


Nothing interesting really happened to me today. I’ll wake up tomrrow tihnking of a new day and forgetting today anyhow. Okay not totally forget. Cause I do remember what some people tell me. (2 pieces of cake ftw!) ^-^;;

Oh! I’ve been listening to a popular song lately.

Love Story – Taylor Swift

Its a nice song. I like singing to it XD;; The video is nice too.. search it! IF you want. I’m kinda lazy to get it and post iit up XD

So I’ve been watching some Coffee Prince! I’m on episode 4 now. I only watch oone a day if I can. I caught up on some Toradora! I wanted to watch code geass but…. I dunno why I didn’t XD oh! Cause they took it off youtube -.-;; Well I can always watch it on my cuzzies site! I hope… I haven’t checked ww

So tomrrow is Friday. Finally. I dislike school with a passion.


Yum tea!


So I actually broke my New Year’s resolution already T.T How sad huh?
I had soda today… but I thought they got me orange JUICE yet it was orange SODA. I’m like.. wtf! They got it wrong?! I only ordered one thing -.-;;

So I drank some of that cause I was really really thirsty…

I talked on the phone for all 6th period cause I just sat around Steves… alone T.T;;

Then walked home. It was short because I was humming the whole way.

Then now… imma go watch some anime! Oh and I got a B on my gov final!!! ^-^ I’m so happy~ I get two pieces of cake!! hehe~