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Bam baby!!


You know that’s pure awsomeness! I was holding this baby for the longest time because it was so cool!! ITs my brother’s ^-^

Like more than half the size of me… and yes its real..ish. Airsoft. I was thinking of a yoko cosplay with this! Wouldn’t that be cool? www

Its actually pretty heavy. And I liked it alot more than the other …things they had around the house. This is at my bro’s friends house btw XD

But I’ve always liked…shooting in general. But NOT when its pointed at me! Thats why I like the sniper position. Which is why I love my brother’s new.. ‘toy’ hehe. He said is any guys he doesn’t like stalk me or comes to my house he’ll use this baby =P He’s jk~ But Its always great to know that huh? hehe~


Not really right


So this is just a picture of the moon.. turned out bad >.< but anyways!

Yeaterday I had chior practice and I liked it because at first it was only me that could really sing. Well also this other girl but she is way younger. So I was happy because I was finally able to hear myself sing! woo~ lol.

Then Kasuki came along, still great cause we sing well together. Lols. But it was us two basically there that was leading the whole group! I was

Then we sang in church and it was crowded!!! So me and Kasuki got stuck in the back! So they moved the mic back more. And I told Kasuki “hey I bet all of them will start moving back now” Because they are the girls that think they’re too cool to go to practice XD So they inched back and back more. It was funny.

This girl named… lets say BEACH. thinks she’s all that…kisses up to teacher, plays around with little kids. Does alotta community service. Though I really don’t think she has many friends her age. Aka… my age. What does that say about the girl? She’s the kind of girl that asks for extra quiz questions and probably never lets anyone cheat off of her. I mean cheating is natural..w.e. Thier loss if they do it. Which I why I don’t care.

So she comes in after not going to practice many times and sings into the mic loudly. I’m like.. OMGSH… BEACH! I swear -.-;;

She shoes didn’t match either >.>;;


Sneezes >.<;;


Kasuki liked sneezing alot today… bleh >.<;;
Gomen… demo usagi-kun wa daiji to kawaii~~ ww

So I can’t give him up XP

So I caught a picture with Kasuki as she was sneezing.. thats what Hunny does to her T.T;;

So I had my group from school come over to my house to work on our debate project. It worked out well… enough. We’re kinda winging it all tomrrow though >.<;;

They loved playing rock band! Thats why they stayed longer T.T I was kinda hoing they’d leave after 3 hours… but after 6?! I had nothing to do really cause they wre playing and I couldn’t leave them alone… My mom doesn’t trust any of my friends anymore -.-;;

Its kinda sad but I guess that normal. Our family has had some..past experiences I guess…


Yum…Miruku Pocky


Kawaii ne? I found this interesting~
It was on the side box of my milk pocky! That Kasuki kinda shared with me~

I already have milk pocky in my collection but I mean… its so good so why not add another!! www


It would be cute…


So I was just looking through the little anime pics I have (I lost ALL of them when my comp crashed… so now I just save ones I thinkwill benefit me with cosplay XD)

And so I wanted to try and make this oufit! I mean… its simple enough. I just need practice with making sleeves and shirts so I think it’ll be good for me. That and because whenever I try making my cosplay things it take LONG because I don’t want to mess up. So just making whatever will be like my rough draft!

Hum…yep~! I think i’ll grab my mom’s pink crazer or whatever… its one of the extra phones we got with our plan, and I wanna girlie it up with gems and all. Why? Cause I kinda want it as my second phone…>.<;; But I love my blackberry! I wish they had like a blackberry flip. I miss flip phones… the bar one I have isn’t so entertaining XD I like slide ones too… harder to decorate though…