Archive | January 8, 2009

Bored w/ life


I wish more interesting things happened in my life. I’ve been kinda..kinda… boring lately. Even I’m bored with my life at the moment XD Maybe cause it feels I can’t do much. I should be studying… but I just choose not to. I should be dooing my cospay but.. I sit down at my desk and thats all I do XD I have a tendency of not doing anything if I’m not like pressured to do so. Thats why I’m such a big procrastnator >.<;;

Actually I think I’ll play with my Hunny bunny… he’s been craving for attention and I feel bad he has to be stuck in his cage for so long. Though I think he’s used to it…

Bleh I’ve been feelign lonely lately. Maybe I’m listening to too many drama-like things. Ah! I’ll watch a drama to pass the time..for now. I still have some work to do but bleh. It can be done later.




Cuteness shall prevail!!!

Well so I have been addicted to Toradora.
I can’t help but to watch it..

but I had a blast at school today!! Not. It was so long! T.T;;

Bleh. And lets see… ah! I saw a perosn in my school get caught for drug dealing. funnnn stuff! not really. But whatever. Thats high school I guess. Well actually thats life. People get caught for doing bad things. Why do they do them in the first place? I’m not really sure. To good concious people its common sense to not do bad things.. but I guess to the others its common to do them. I’m not sure so much.

So… Im eating an orange…yum.