Archive | January 6, 2009

Cosplay portfolio in making


So I am currently in the making of my new account since my old one is whack T.T But its better to start off fresh right? ^-^;;

So! Here’s a link .. I’ll start changing more tomrrow since… well I’ll have more time to change it around tomorrow!!

Though I do want a picture icon signature thing to link to my blog… I wanna make one but at the same time I don’t because I’m actually not so great at those.. like blending and what not.

Maybe someone can try doing one for me? XD;;
Okay I’llt ry it out first… I get so lazy T.T;;


flat hair.


my hair has been actingly subbornly flat and waving a weird way…
I mean look! its really long now too…

I’m not sure if I want to keep my bangs long or cut them shorter again… I mean I guess either way works. I now have to keep the bangs off my face at home so it doesn’t get my face oilier… oilier..? XD

But yea… thats probaly why I get blemishes on my forehead only -.-;; cause of my bangs. I mean I could probably end up not having them at all but… I like them.. xD

But now imma go read some cosmode…

Arigatou Erukii for it!!! Guys really know what I like XD;;
OR do they? o.O? www


Finally sent!


So I finallysent my application for a scholarship to go to Japan!
Now all there is… is the interview process… which I’m not so afraid of. I’m actually looking forward to it! Why? Because I’m more outspoken that what I was before… like before I was afraid of saying the wrong thing. Now… phssh… I say whatever is .. ME. XD And then I’ll be happy because I got in because of me and not the me I think they want me to be..

Anyways. Now I thought I’d have a break to do some cosplay sketches and make a profolio~

But I don’t really. I have a debate thing to read up on…. my final is next week for Government… I’m horrid at government! T.T;;

And… I have laundry in my room that is as high as my bed!!! Because my brother uses a new towel everyday! I mean.. really? they are used to wipe yourself clean… when your clean! -.-;; So imma make him start re using him. He doesn’t cause he doesn’t do laundry… bleh. XD