Archive | January 4, 2009

Invasion of privacy much?

So … I just found out that my mom and sister looked thorugh my old sketchbook..

Thats so mean!!!!!!!!!!

1. because I didn’t give them permission
2. My sister made COPIES!
3. There were PRIVATE things in there

I’m…irritated now! T.T
I mean… I left my sketchbook on my shelf… where I don’t like people touching! I also come home to find a phone charm messed up because somone moved it and it got squashed. >.>

But my sketchbook?!! Argh!
I HATE it when people go through my stuff BEFORE asking. Or at least before me knowing.

I believe now I have to lock or hide things. It is NOT acceptable, to me, to be snoooping around people things while they are away!


ALA Day 3! Rawr x3 Pics!

Some vampire Knight cosplayers.. actually with it overplayed.. I never really took a picture with any.. but these two were pretty cool XD
Miku! Kinda a mini gathering XD I found them and asked for pictures! Why not right? ^-^;;
These guys were awsome!!! I asked for a picture with them and they did some pose like standard… im like… what happened to the fighting stance pose? So they did this for me ^-^;; Thanks guys!
Props to the keyblade! I wish I had a prop… I <3s Kingdom HEarts!!
This Sakura was pretty popular.. Very very nice outfit I have to say.

Oh mind that these are pictures from my CAMCORDER. So they arn’t the best >.<;; Erukii is the photographer for them all ^-^ll nice job on that btw. I still want to upload some of the pictures he took on his camera (which is better than mine..) But I have to work with these for the moment