Archive | January 1, 2009

More driving -.-;;


So I actually drove on the road today!
How fun XD
I got my mom scared so bad >.<;;
Then again it is her car…XD

I drove home too! How… not so easy?
I forgot to signal -.-;;

But I was looking at my permit and I tohught it was pretty cool I turn 21 in 2012! The numbers are switched around..get it? XD;;

Woo my drinking age! XD


First of the year!

So today is no exception to the “hey its the first of the month!” post! lol
And its even the first month of the year~

So as to celebrate… I do .. homework?

Well I do have to do homework today XD

But I’m actually going to 3D up my nails ^-^
I’m hoping to go out and buy some more stones but… it seems as though I’m a bit tight on money at the moment >.<;; so… I’ll do what I can with what I have!

sooooooooooo! I’m glad today is a new year… but really it makes no difference to me what year it is XD I mean life still goes on even if the year doesn’t change right? Well in a way XD

Only thing that changes everyday is the date afterall!