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Phonie phone phone



I love my phone ^-^

I do wish it was a flip one though… but maybe in a couple years…
I like my blackberry at the moment ^-^

And! Since the gems are falling off… I thought I’d distract people from it for now so I added a riceball! A pink one ^-^ The bottom of it is a screen cleaner too~ lol

My brother actually got it as a Christmas present… but he’s never gonna use it XD

So he gave it to me ^-^ And I believe it goes great with my phone! So even though my phone doesn’t make any noises anymore. I think its near impossible to lose~


Big Hunny Bunny


I needa get him..neutered?

Really. He keeps humping the bear!!!
My little teenage bunny >.<;;

He’s big now! See? If he stand up he’ll probably rach the top of the bottl galloon next to him XD

It took me like 30 minutes to get him into his cage! He just stands outside of it… I push him in.. hejumps right back out! Smart bunny>.<

But I love him <3 my asian bunny XD Since he’s not really black or white… and sometimes he’s yellow? lol!


Drving skills much?


yea you know it~

I’m pretty good at it? Well good to me is not running into anything.. or crashing. Or making my teacher yell at me XDD

But! I did run over a cup? And I have to say.. diving is pretty scary at first. And I wasn’t so excited to drive… I’d rather not actually XD But It’s kinda nessisary T.T;;

So You won’t see my driving unless I really wanna go somewhere.. like cons…Joann’s… and what not. I like carpooling XD Though only if your going to the same place and its not too much in the way of people… cause its gonna be a pain to me if I have to drive people around. Thats probably why I want a coupe. … cause it basically has two seats only XD;;

Wow how mean am I? People carpool me but I won’t carpool them? naw. I will if its not too much outta my way. Though who knows if you’d want to be in the car with me driving. I even got queezy from my driving!! Horrid -.-;;


Tengen Toppa Love

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 3

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann <3

So I FINALLY finished this anime series XD

Tooke me awhile.. yes…
But I LOVED it~!

It has like everything in it! Thats probably why I loved it. I don’t like full action or full romance. Kinda had to be a bit of everything to make a good anime. Well … basically.

So I love Nia though! I wish I could cosplay as her… Yoko would be cool to cosplay as buuuuuut… I dun wanna walk around with so little clothing… lol

Boota… awsome <3


Bow in the back


So why is it that my bow can’t stick up like this picture?
-points down-


Bleh. See thats what I want my bow to look like!! rawr >.< Maybe some ironing will do.. I stil have to iron the whole outfit anyways. Or steam

I’m kinda sleepy at the moment.. maybe cause I did wake up a bit earlier (even though I just stayed in bed and played the DS XD)

But even still. I’m doing hw right now. I seem to be procrastinating to hw even when doing it. Cause I do the least important first apparently >.<;; Horriable I know. Cause I need someone to really push me into doing whats important first >.<

I’ll do it eventually though…last minute >.<