Half a heart XD

So New years to me isn’t anything big… its just… another one of those couple days >.<;; I mean I watch the ball drop.. and then in thecrowd you see a whole buncha people kissing >.>;;

I mean..great for them! But man how sad for me XD

But I guess thats alright for me… for now. I don’t wanna spend my whole life alone >.<;;

For some reason that reminds me of someone who had made me mad recently >.> Girls don’t like losing. ME in particular. If you want to make a point.. please don’t prove me wrong in the meantime >.>;;
It irritates me so much -.- I either win or get even. Not like pie-in-face even.. just… the middle ground!

Yea im hard to deal with -.- I still have to put my new year’s resolution up… well.. maybe. I like writing it down rather than putting it up here. Tabun. I’ll see XD


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