Archive | December 28, 2008



So I was just looking through pictures and found one sister..

How werid.

I was looking at this pic and I found her teeth sparkles! Wow. really. XD I find that one heck of a picture XD;;

She has become more photogenic ever since I started this blog and took pictures. Now she likes taking pictures of herself XD

But I guess that can be good. More self confidence. Cause when I was at her age… yea I always thought people were looking at me like I was horrid. Not fun times >.< Thats particularly why I didn’t like middle school so much.

At least she is confident is her looks? lol. As long as she doesn’t turn into one of those girls that think looks are the most important… then I’m okay. Cause I will slap her silly if that happens XD

But I concluded that you can only change yourself so much until you stop being yourself and instead being what media wants you to be. It’s no fun that way. I like being me. If you think I’m weird… well yay. Cause then I’m different? So if I say your weird… take it as a compliment XD;;


Skirt fin.


I did finish with the skirt today. It’s kinda…bleh. But whatever XD
I think it works. I’d take a picture but maybe tomrrow~
Why? Because I look horrid today! lol.

So I have my set almost complete. All I have left to do is the bow in the back and stick velcro everywhere so it all stays in place XP

Yea working with slippery fabric is hard. But I’m glad how this is all turning out. I’m actually pretty happy this is my last project of the year. Get it? haha XD

But now I’m gonna do some school work. bleh. I wanna finish it before ALA


Its cleanier…ish


So my desk… this is what it looked like at the beginning. I love how things are all nice and tidy once you first get it. Now my desk is sort of a mess. Since I’ve been cutting… sewing. Etc. I still have to clean it up.. XD

But I’ve been working on my kimono in the morning. I did some enviromental homework today. Also caught up on some of my anime’s. I want to watch more but I tihnk I’ll head off and work on the skirt of mine…

And I’ve been addicted to oranges o.o;;

I cut off the peel and leave most of the outside whites on the outside. Its good for you, and its kinda chewy… I like it like that ^-^;; I dunno why. But I’ve already eaten 2 oranges in an hour. While watching anime XD

So im off to finish off my project Kimono!