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So girlie moments


Oh oh my desk see? www

But um… yea I had one of those really girlie moments today XD;;

Okay so I saw the cute guy that was in the fashion show with me after church today.. at some gathering with food and what not. The priest made my family go >.<;; But luckily he was there! He passed by me and nudge me and said hi. I’m like.. -squeal- lol. I couldn’t help it XD But like… I told my mom that was him and she’s like “yea he’s handsome” I’m like you know it!

Reminds me of kitty ears. Which I only keep reference to because… well I dunno. lol. But thats about it.

Will I have the guts to go say hi or something? probably not XD It’s not me. Which I hate >.>

lol sorry that was just girlie for me. not like I have guy moments. But this would be one of the many girlie ones. Others are normal XD


Thoughts on ALA


I think the main point of this picture isn’t me but the tv in back… lol!

But anyways~

There is like…6 days of my winter break do-all-my-hw left. The last three days are of course reserved for ALA~

Which I kinda kinda planned out… not sure how imma get there and back. Cause my brother was not so happy when he had to drive me >.<;;

Thats why next month imma learn how to drive… of course i’d be easier. I really don’t like smooching off others for rides. Mostly if its out of thier way. But sometimes its needed >.< for me to get home XD

So Friday is my workshop day, imma go to Masquarade 101 and cosplay 101 I believe. I just wanna see what its all about. That will take couple hours..

Then im of to some shopping.. exploring ^-^ I hope to be cosplaying and I hope people arn’t like wtf to me >.< Cause that would make me really sad… if my cosplay wasn’t so good.

So I’m debating… 1st day I wanted to do Miku? Or sailor. And second Miku or even my Kimono. Last.. whichever I didn’t do. OR I can repeate. Cause I’m not sure if I wanna go sailor.. its so… normal you know? I’m thinking of what I can do to… Kimiko-style it up~ www.

I dunno >.<


I guess more!


The back… simple I guess. I think this could even work with this black skirt… maybe.


And yep! I spent my whole day doing that. And talking to Kasuki while doing so. (which is why some parts are messed up >.<;;)

Good thing is that she got a sewing machine so I don”t have to sew anything for her anymore =P You know how lazy I get >.>;;

Demo hai! owari….jaanai. I’ll figure something out about the skirt tomrrow. I need to run some ideas over people before starting on it though…

But I haveta go to church soon! So I’ll update more laters~


Kimono progress~ Kimiko style!

So today was deidcated on making my kimono for ALA! Like.. really.. from scratch. And not like a kimono kimono.. like my version of one. Cause really… I don’t know how to make an actualy on XD But here’s a picture series on how… I made it basically! There are parts left out just because I taped it XD yea… for my project!

From scartch. Here’s the pile of cloth!
Lovely drawing I did awhile back…
Sewing the sleeves..
Yea the bottom part wa sjust the rest of the fabric.. but it looks like a full out kimono!! But I didn’t want one~ And I was just measuring the golden part to see how much I needed… looks cool enough yea?
Look good enough so far? tabun..
And basically done! Put the collar on and tried how it looked~ okay? I hope so XD

I still have to do the skirt. This is only the top part… I still have LOTS of pictures I didn’t use… I’ll post them up later~ Maybe… they will be in my posts that are utterly random ^-^

So whatcha think? Took me like… 7 hours? Give or take… lol