Archive | December 26, 2008



So ALA is coming up real real soon!
And I still have soooooooooooooooooo much to do! its crazy >.<

Good news is that I have my sewing space all cleaned up and a bigger desk to work on! (rather than that ironing board >.<;;)

So I’m really glad about that. I started on my kinomo buuuuuut… then I forgot how to do it >.< Hence why I’m back on the computer. I’ve been playing pokemon all morning though >.<;; I’m actually planning to either sleep earlier or just wake up earlier. I know I  need my beauty sleep and all but… I actually don’t like waking up at 11 >.< The feeling is like half the day is wasted. So my plan is to wake up at 9! yea not THAT big of a jump.. but I mean.. coming from me.. thats something XD

So if anyone does need me I should have my cell on me… feel free to txt~


Addicted to the DS T.T


Yea I rally can’t stop playing!!

Cause The Harvest Moon game on there is fun. No duh. I <3 Harvest moon… even if its like the same thing every game… but its still fun T.T;;

And I’ve been playing Pokemon Pearl! <3 I got so far.. forgot to save. My sister turned it off T.T How sad!

But one good thing is that I got my desk up? I’ll take a pic laters~