Archive | December 25, 2008

Cake <3 Spirit too!


Okay no cake in the picture cause im eating it right now!!
Okay not now… I finished it awhile ago >.>;;

But! Lets see… This doesn’t even feel like Christmas… maybe I should play some christmas music.. oh! Happy Birthday to Jesus. Sorry just had to say that XD that is why this holiday was crated afterall… okay not really. The holiday itself was created because merchants wanted to sell more and people wanted to recieve more. Thats what I think at least XD But its always about the gift of giving!! remember that! It doesn’t matter how much you recieve. I would’ve been okay if I got nothing XD wait really? Yea~ Its probably cause I get what I need even when its not chirstmas XD and I said need, not want. Cause thats what my family gives me… things I need every year XD

I remember one year I got a toy horse… I still have it actually. Cause its like the only actual toy I’ve gotten. At least from a relative.

So thats my little chirstmas rant ..ish.


Closely… none


So the people were like.. saying we didn’t have enough make-up on!
So this lady comes in and puts some on me.
Though really… it doesn’t show a difference to me XDD

I think if I would’ve done it myself… it would’ve been heavier XD;;

But yep! Its me and the Christmas tree~~

I wanna try out that liquid eyeliner of mine.. hehe…I’m happy I have its!

but bleh. my voice sounds so weird! Got my raspy sore throat again T.T Thats what I get for wearing thin layers when its rianing outside XD


The dancing Chinese Fashion girl


I finally finished the dance at church and the fashion show afterwards!
How tiring >.<;;

I was wearing this and it was COLD! Actually.. not so cold. I could feel my hands were cold if I put them to my cheeks…. but I didn’t feel so cold. Get it? Maybe its cause I liked the cold…

But I was happy because it turned out alright. My mom still ended up crtizing me afterwards XD But I expected it.

Oh oh! And the cute guy! I didn’t get escorted by him but I did get a chance to chat to him a bit. It was cool~ Too bad I probably won’t see him again. But not much I can do XD I’m just the shy little girl in other people’s eyes probably…. its just because I can’t really hold up small talk >.< I needs practice on that…


Christmas Gifts~


Liquid eyeliner from Kasuki~


Joann’s Gift card from Socks~ (Spocks? XD)


A desk for my sewing machine from ‘santa’ XD


Long knee socks from myself XD


Headband also…from myself!

And $20 from my grandma~

And that is what is my Christmas list from this year so far. Oh and the phone charms from Tarei~

Theo lder you get. The less you get. Thats probably because the older you get the less you’re paied attention to! Its true >.<;; Little kids steal it all. But they can’t help it~ They are too adorable!!

So Merry Christmas to everyone!

(And don’t worry… my gifts will get to people soon… I’m just kinda late on the shopping >.<;;)


Christmas Eve fin.

So its almost 11 and my hectic yet relaxing Christmas Eve is almost over. It actually doesn’t feel like its gonna be Christmas for me tomorrow. MAybe cause its raining. I mean… I love a white christmas, not a wet one! Probably equally cold though XD

The dance at my church went alright. I froze. Probably sickness came again since I was in a dress! And not a very pretty one as you see XD not the most flattering! Definetly wouldn’t go to the mall in this!! lol~

So I’m pretty busy tomrrow… yay? naw.

I’m talking to an old friend right now. And its weird cause (since I had so long in church to think) I actually thought about the person. Church gives you lots of time to think. That is why I like it, made me become a better person because of that. Cause people need time out of thier nectic or game-filled life to just sit around and think. Makes you more relaxed I believe.

But yep! Imma take lots of pics tomrrow. Make a list of all my presents~ I do that every year in my jounrnal and I’ll post it up here too. Just because~ ^-^;;