Archive | December 23, 2008

Huge tree!


Someone is into the Christmas spirt!! lol

Well I took this picture yesterday…

But today I’m feeling sick! As ever T.T
Really. Must’ve been something going around..
Its horrid. I hate being sick. Who doesn’t?
I mean… first I can’t even breath out of my nose! Can’t smell anything. I’m someone that likes to wear my skirt and tanktop year round but now I have this green robe on with a blanket in  front of the heater XD

And I’m working on homework. … .. .. How sad T.T;;
Well have to get homework done anyhow~
Mind as well put to use the fact that I can’t really move around and its okay if I fall asleep.. ww

I’m on my fourth bottle of water btw. Thats alot. To me. Who barely finishes one in a day! You have no idea how many times I’ve been to the bathroom XDD


Some picturesss


Someone liked my scarf!! wwww
I like my scarf… mostly cause its pink!!
I wanna make more..
SinceI mean… they don’t take much skill XD

But right now I’m actually play some Pokemon! evertime I catch one I do nickname it~ Cause that just cool~ www

I do want some more cake though… ww I got lots of choco yesterday~
Lots! I <3 it. I wish I could’ve spent more time at mitsuwa… but now I know the way there! So I’m happy~

Now imma go eat some choco…and have some more water…


I’m sick.

Officially. Yes. Lol!

My mom made me take medicine T.T She took away my phone so I had toooooo! T.T;;

But I guess it’s better this way. Its only.. sudaffed? so not like..tynol.. or whatever..

and im wearing my green robes because its relaly warm ^-^ And cause I’m not leaving the house anytime soon XD;;

The picture… I took when I got out of the shower… so I’m clean! But I look sick >.>;; Last night was horrid. I kept waking up! And drooling… lol! Go figure… since I couldn’t breath from my nose, but my throat was dry. So what can you do? Not breath? XD


Chinese much?


This is me and Kasuki! Me on right… her on left. duh XD

But! We got chinese-type dresses. We were actually suppose to get traditional Viet dresses. But I wanted something different… plus the other pink ones were ugly >.>;; but this one was cute! And Kauski just looks good in that style~ ww

Oh and we’re not wearing heels hence all the extra fabric on the pants on the bottom.

And mine is light pink. Not peach.

Oh! And and…I remember people wearing this at AX! That was sad XD just because… these are actually Viet styled dresses, not chinese… I mean yea a chinese flare to it. but the style taken from viets XD So this is not a cosplay XD