Archive | December 22, 2008

From yesterday

Funess yesterday.
I don’t get mad so easily but really… yesterday was horrid!
Older girls taking over my fashion show >.>
Then they made it not fun.

Won’t go into details since I’d rather forget about it all.
But people arn’t making me happier. >.>;;
So I’m in a bad mood right now because I’m sitting and waiting for my mom to take me to the mall to meet up with a friend but she stalls like crazy even though I’m beyond ready to go. And I was suppose to be there…3 hours ago!! T.T;;



IT rained..


IT rained today. Just a bit. It twas nice~

Though… I had a harder time waking up because it was still dark…

But! It all turned out alright!

lol. Dang forgot what I was gonna write..

I’ve been ditzy today. My brain not working so much. My feet… well they worked alot alot. My reasoning skill has been off though… weird. Then again my mom got mad at me because I spelled liquor wrong on the flyer. I guess that could be a problem. Ever tell you im horrid at spelling? I amm. But I’m ususlaly good at pronouncing things. Okay not really.. sometimes my asian side gets to me and I can’t speak XD then again I’ve been working on my asian accent.. its fun~


An outin’

So I finally went to del amo~

Actually I was suppose to go to Little Tokyo >.>;;
But my mommie messed up that plan and I threw it out the window~

But anyways! So instead I hung around with Erukii at the mall… shopped a bit. Umm… oh! Went to Mitsuwa (wow is it far) And ate some curry and cake!!!

Though my throat has been hurting since morning. I think I’m sick >.<

Yet… bleh. I hate being sick…




Had rehersal. I have such a headache that I don’t even feel like writing at all >.<
Probably tomorrow I’ll write up about it. Tabun.

But rehersal + older girls + all the bishiness in the world! = me not happy.

Really. Not. Happy!

And the girls found out I was the daughter o..well my mom. That’s pretty important. Yea.. she went “oh… wil the, omg”
Cause they wern’t so nice to me >.>